RubberandBondage – A Lockwork Orange 2015 HD

RubberandBondage - A Lockwork Orange  2015 HD
Release Year: 2015
Studio: RubberandBondage
Cast: Sandy Skarsgard
Genres: Vibrator, Torture, Submission, Struggling, Slave Training, Rubber Stockings, Rubber, Pussy Torture, Piercings, Latex, Humiliation, Heavy Rubber, Forced Orgasm, Electro Stim, Electricity, Electric Play, Degredation, Corset, Bondage

Rubber and Bondage attempts to dissect the myth that violence is the only thing involved with the bondage scene. Is there any truth to the idea that submissive types are just victims of a rogue underground society of BDSM freaks? I would argue that our subjects not only agree with their captivity, humiliation, pain and suffering but actually enjoy it; or enjoy hating it. In this rather dark and iconic themed update we combine high levels of pleasure with high levels of discomfort and pain just to see how the two conditions relate. We initiated this bizarre session by enlisting the help of classic bondage loving front man Dalton Ott. This dude can scare the creepy off the Creature from the Black Lagoon. In our neck of the woods we refer to him as the mad scientist. The guy used to be a meat carver in a slaughter house so what does that tell you? His unpredictable nature and outright scary personality is perfect for this experiment. Dalton certainly did not need any help from his "Droogs" over at SERIOUS BONDAGE to get this job done. So now we had the idea and the guy to run the experiment. Enter Sandy Skarsgard, the always willing subject, and we were ready to go. After Sandy agreed to embark on a road to the anti-violence, she slid on a slick set of latex stockings and then a skirt. Then she submits to a very strict and heavy rubber waist/neck corset with a severe posture rod extended all the way out. This set up keeps Sandy’s head and neck immobilized and put a real squeeze on her throat. The design provides a very disciplined and strict bondage pose. All the while, Sandy seems not to be phased by her impending doom. We witnessed her surfing the net on her mobile phone, texting friends or even snapping self-portraits of herself. Obviously this girl was in need of a new program and we intended to write the code. Once Sandy was laid out on the bed she began to really struggle with the neck corset. The tight lacing and overall uncomfortable situation caused her some panic. She complained about the pressure on her throat and her struggle to breathe properly. We had to make a few adjustments but Dalton was unwilling to remove much of her discomfort for the sake of the experiment. Once she was back in position, our fearless scene leader pressed on. He strapped Sandy down to the bed using leather cuffs. She was secured by her wrists and ankles. These restraints held Sandy in a mild X formation but more importantly were in place to keep her soon to be spasm riddled body from jumping of the bed. Dalton was kind enough to lay a blanket down over the rusty Murphy bed which had broken springs and wire protruding. We did want to preserve Sandy’s bare and delicate skin for future use as well as our latex. The deteriorated bed sans mattress was a more then acceptable examination table as far as Dalton was concerned. We figured we could put Sandy bare skinned on the bed next time while connecting it to a car battery… after we determined the current (no pun intended) level of intensity would not be enough to do the job. Anyway, several e-stim pads were positioned on Sandy’s body, taped down and then the electric shock therapy slash behavior modification ensued. With ever increasing levels of electric intensity, Dalton applied the magic wand to Sandy’s pussy. In order to earn her freedom from this bizarre situation, Sandy was going to have to find a way to cum while enduring equal quantities of pleasure and pain. Dalton continued to play with the levels of both sensations and applied them without sympathy. Sandy’s body bucked and relaxed off and on while Dalton let the high level current flow through her most sensitive body parts. All the while he was relentless with the vibrating magic wand. He massaged her pussy and clit continuously as the scene progressed. Although the reaction from Sandy’s body was rather violent, you could tell that her internal pleasure was just as powerful. Sandy’s mind altering experience took root as Dalton conditioned her to abhor conventional pleasures and require semi-violent levels of discomfort in order to experience sexual pleasure. Without the intense torment and heavy dose of electricity as her constant, she would not be allowed to reach any kind of orgasmic release. This gives new meaning to the idea of a orgasm. When it was all over I would have to say that our test did not really prove a damn thing other than the fact that we are rather sadistic group. Opinions may be divided on the meaning of Rubber and Bondage and our philosophy but we offer this detached view of Sandy Skarsgard and her "shocking" experience just the same. Whether you feel discord or just curiosity, our scathing diagnosis of violence and its association with BDSM is one to watch. We guarantee that if "A Lockwork Orange" does not entertain you it will still entertain you.

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RubberandBondage - A Lockwork Orange  2015 HD
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