Shadowslaves – Caged Bird – Slavegirl Rosie B HD 2015

Shadowslaves –  Caged Bird - Slavegirl Rosie B HD 2015

Rosie B returns to Shadowslaves for her most challenging session yet. Secured by her hair into the coffin cage, Magick begins his assault on her with pokes, slaps and punches, wearing down her resistance before he even lets her out of the cage.
Once she’s released though, things are not going to improve for the poor girl, forced to kneel on rough bricks while the beatings continue. Her breasts, thighs, back, and even armpits don’t escape the impacts. Eventually Magick allows her a brief breather in the form of some hot wax, but if she thought this was going to be easy, she was wrong. Wax burns her arms and chest as she tries to keep still, lest the rough piece of wood her pussy is resting on give her splinters.
Standing up now, the beatings continue, this time with vicious mousetraps to cause her more discomfort, but Magick’s not convinced that her suffering is enough. He binds her chest tightly with rope squeezing and distorting her breasts, making them extra sensitive to his attentions. Rosie knows what’s coming when she sees Magick lay the industrial clamp on the floor, her breast is tightly pressed in it, the beatings only letting up when she pulls her breast free

Shadowslaves –  Caged Bird - Slavegirl Rosie B HD 2015


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