Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Taylor Heart – Annihilation HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Taylor Heart - Annihilation HD 2015

Xinran needs to teach Taylor Heart a lesson. A lesson in who is the strongest. A brutal, and very hands on lesson.

She wastes no time in tearing off the poor girl’s lingerie, and has her under her feet within minutes. Crushing her toes and fingers under her boots, and kneeling with her full body weight on the smaller girl, she spares no part of her body, digging in with her fingernails, twisting her nipples, and raining down punches and slaps.

Thrown down on her hands and knees, she is subjected to evil kicks to her ass and cunt, and breathtaking blows to her arms and back. Boots and knees pound into her muscles, and stamp down on her breasts. A shapie is used to label the crying girl as ‘ugly’ and ‘weak’, and defeated, she is made to clean her tormentor’s boots with her tongue.

Not satisfied with this humiliation, Xinran straps on a large black dildo, and throat fucks her with it, until she is gagging and the tears are streaming. The dildo is stuck to the floor, and she is made to deepthroat it herself. I don’t thnk there can be any doubt now who is strong, and who weak!


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