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Shadowslaves – Prison Camp Part 1 – Slavegirls Andrea and Beauvoir HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Prison Camp Part 1 - Slavegirls Andrea and Beauvoir HD 2015

In the first part of this feature length special, beauvoir is brought to the prison charged with prostitution. The warden (Magick) introduces her to her cell mates (nimue and andrea), and her cunt is shaved ready for her ordeal.

Left alone with andrea in her cell, the girls start to make out and have sex, until nimue catches them in the act. Shoving their heads into her dirty mop bucket, and threatening to report them to the warden, she forces them into accepting punishment on the spot.

She begins with an over the knee spanking, while the unfortunate girls are forced to lick and kiss her feet, then moves on to the serious punishment, using stress positions, candle wax and canes. Beauvoir is made to stand against the wall with sharp pins beneath her heels to keep her on tiptoe, while she is viciously beaten, every move resulting in an increase in the punishment of her cell mate. Andrea is bound and burned with wax, then made to stand for her severe caning, while her friend looks on as her cunt is crushed on a wooden horse. The girls are joined by clamps on their nipples and whipped, until nimue is finally satisfied, and allows them to lick her cunt in gratitude.

Unfortunately for all three, the warden arrives and catches them in this compromising position… To be continued!

Shadowslaves – Behind The Scenes – Slavegirl Emma HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Behind The Scenes - Slavegirl Emma HD 2015

Since the start of the site members have regularly requested that we post clips from ‘behind the scenes’. This will not be a regular feature, but here is a special treat for bondage enthusiasts and those who wonder what it is like to be on a ShadowSlaves set!

Scene One: Emma is an accomplished escapologist. There is rarely a tie from which she can’t free herself, and the challenge was posed to Magick to see if he could defeat her. One for bondage fans, this is behind the scenes footage of the tie used at the beginning of the movie ‘The Runt’. Those who have seen the movie will know that Magick succeeded!

Shadowslaves – Primal Dance – Slavegirl Nimue HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Primal Dance - Slavegirl Nimue HD 2015

Nimue returns and puts herself in the capable hands of Elohim. Isolated behind a sensory deprivation mask, she is led in a bestial ballet of primal passions and pain.

Elohim manipulates her body and mind, using nerve pressure points, joint pressure, viscious pinches, slaps and bites to bring her to a place of deep mental submission, where she begs for pain and control. Orgasms are controlled, denied, and paid for with obedience and pain. Whips, studded belts and crops beat her flesh.

As her tears flow freely and her spirit is completely broken, a full body bullwhipping prepares her for her final release.

Shadowslaves – Prison Camp 2 – Slavegirls Beauvoir, Nimue and Andrea HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Prison Camp 2 - Slavegirls Beauvoir, Nimue and Andrea HD 2015

In the second chapter of this epic feature length release, the new inmates are caged and forced to masturbate, while nimue is beaten to tears, with canes and whips, in front of them, for her presumption in punishing them without the warder’s permission.

Beauvoir is then tied and electroshocked, while the other girls lick and caress her until she is desperate for orgasm, but continually denied, to teach her restraint. Next comes a lesson in teamwork, as each girl must take beatings with increasingly harsh implements, from canes to heavy paddles until they can bear it no more and beg for the next girl to take their place. The stakes are raised when the cattleprod is introduced into the game, and a heavy rubber whip tests their friendship to the limits.

Once again, the girls are forced to bring Beauvoir repeatedly to the edge of orgasm, until their resolve is finally broken when the warder introduces hot habenero chilli peppers, which they must endure in their cunts and assholes until they are screaming for mercy.

Shadowslaves – The Milk Maid – Slavegirl Sacha HD 2015

Shadowslaves – The Milk Maid - Slavegirl Sacha HD 2015

Sacha returns to ShadowSlaves, and this time faces Magick. Arriving in latex fetishwear, she is dismayed to find herself bound and dragged to a filthy rotting milking parlour, where Magick secures her in a stall and puts her through her paces. Spanked, whipped and beaten, he explains to the poor girl where she is, and that it is her udders that are the real targets today.

Her breasts are tightly bound, and beaten. Clothespins cover her tender flesh, breasts and face, and are whipped from her body. Viscious rat traps crush her nipples, tenderizing them before suction cups are applied. Begging for release from the suction on her already sore nipples, she is repeatedly whipped with a leather quirt, while Magick degrades her, forcing her to ‘moo’ like a cow, until he is satisfied that she is trying hard enough to deserve the cups removal. But even that relief comes at a price, as the suction is moved to her clit, engorging that delicate flesh, in preparation for a spiteful iron screwed clamp, that stretches her labia to the limit.

Led out of the parlour, she is bound and left in a freezing barn until Magick returns later, only to drag her outside into the icy rain, dunk her several times in a filthy water butt, and leave her shivering and bound to endure the elements.

Shadowslaves – Honesty – Slavegirl Honesty Cabellero HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Honesty - Slavegirl Honesty Cabellero HD 2015

Nervous newcomer Honesty is put through her paces on her first day by Magick. Bound and blindfolded, he tests her reactions with nipple clamps, hard spanks and a dressage whip, before cutting away her clothes to whip her virgin flesh and cover it in clothespins.

Freed from the ropes, she is fastened into an iron yolk for further punishment. Her pale skin in cut with lashes from the whip, and her cunt lips crushed with clover clamps. Her ass receives cane stripes, and she is thrown to the ground and burned with candles. Not even her face is spared the searing wax. Finally she is made to kneel and hold still as the soles of her feet are beaten with canes and riding crops

Shadowslaves – Devil – Introducing The Devil HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Devil - Introducing The Devil HD 2015

Chinese beauty Digital Devil is introduced to the Shadowslaves stable by Elohim. Strung up by her wrists, he takes her on a journey through pain and control, using pressure points and hard bites to test her limits. Once the beating begins, it seems it will never end for the poor helpless girl. Whips and canes thrash her flesh from head to toe. A heavy solid stick batters her legs, buttocks and pussy. As the punishment increases, she is left swinging helplessly from her wrists, gasping for breaths that are granted only at his whim.

There is no respite. Just as it seems she can take no more, a single-tail whips tears her flesh, front and back. Finally allowed to kneel, her feet are attacked with a thick heavy cane, until she is left exhausted and slumped in his arms

Shadowslaves – Introducing Weekay – Slavegirl Weekay HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Introducing Weekay - Slavegirl Weekay HD 2015

Scottish beauty, wee kay, arrived dressed for a job interview. Bound and gagged. Magick takes her to the dungeon and soon makes it clear what will be expected of her. Her smart business suit is shredded from her body and her breasts tied tightly, until they turn a deep purple color, before being whipped and crushed with powerful clamps. She is beaten into submission, and made to stretch her own already bruised tits.

She soon learns our preference for shaved pussy as magick tears handfuls of her pubic hair, before clamping her cunt lips and attaching them to her tongue. A cunt whipping follows, and heavy metal weights are attached to her bruised labia, finally bring forth tears. More clamps attatch her nipples to her bound arms, as she is made to stand to attention and endure a nipple caning, while she cries helplessly.

Having learned what it is to be a ShadowSlave, she is strapped down in a ridiculously painful position, immobilised, with cunt and asshole displayed for use; and used they are! She is spanked and her clit teased with sharp metal spikes, before a brutal fisting, and rough double penetration with huge dildos. Her feet are caned and tickled, and she is left, toys vibrating in both holes, to contemplate her future as a slave.

Shadowslaves – Fae Corbin – The Faerie Grotto HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Fae Corbin - The Faerie Grotto HD 2015

Fae Corbin was supposed to be clearing away a grotto scene, but is caught playing on the swing while she should be working. Wolfie takes her in hand, tackling her cheeky nature and making it very clear who’s in charge.

A severe beating with his belt is enough to have her worshipping his boots, but her mouth is still running away with her, so more correction is required. She is whipped over the swing, and fucked in the ass with the whip handle to open her up ready for her Master. After sucking him hard, he tries to fuck her ass, but finds she’s still too tight – which is soon remedied by the use of a large buttplug tail, and a further beating and spanking for the trouble. She is fucked in the ass over the swing, begging to be allowed to orgasm, before being made to suck his cock clean, but she’s still not respectful enough for Wolfie’s satisfaction, so the beatings continue.

Laid in the dirt, clamps are attached to, and torn from, her nipples as another orgasm is forced from her. Realising her Master’s displeasure, she requests a severe whipping, which is duly delivered, until she promises to never again answer back. Her reward is to be made to masturbate for the members’ enjoyment

Shadowslaves – Prison Camp 3 – Slavegirls Beauvoir, Nimue and Andrea HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Prison Camp 3 - Slavegirls Beauvoir, Nimue and Andrea HD 2015

The last episode of the Prison Camp saga sees beauvoir pushed to the limits of frustration, as she is repeatedly brought to the very edge of orgasm, with powerful vibrators, dildos, hands, the tongues of the other slavegirls, and even mixed fruit and vegetables, only to be denied release and laughed at by the others, as they come time and time again in her face. Her legs are bound open so she cannot resist the torment, and she is labelled as the loser trash whore that she is. Finally she is locked in a chastity belt, vibrating egg in her desperate cunt, with the key frozen in a block of ice allowing no chance of immediate escape or relief.

The warder has not forgotten that all three girls deserve punishement, however, and needles are used to pierce nimue’s arms and beauvoir’s nipples. The worst punishment is reserved for andrea, as she is held responsible for leading the new girl astray, and has to be held down by the other girls while the warder sewns her cunt closed to avoid further misbehavior. Even this is not enough for nimue, who cannot forgive her for starting all of this trouble, and drags her outside for a final humiliation in the freezing yard