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Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Taylor Heart – Introducing Taylor HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Taylor Heart - Introducing Taylor HD 2015

Taylor Heart proves herself a worthy addition to the ShadowSlaves stable, as Big John takes her through her paces. Released from her storage crate, he ties her into a frame, and softens her up with an all over whipping. Viscious gin traps are applied to her breasts. Bungee cords are tied around her body and between her legs, snapping brutally into her tender flesh and cunt. Elastic bands bite into her thights, cunt and nipples, and tightly bind her tits, until she is bruised, welted and crying.

Her reward comes in the form of forced orgasms, until she can barely stand, before she is put away once more for the night in her box..

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Bemby – Introducing Bemby HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Bemby - Introducing Bemby HD 2015

Young and innocent bemby is introduced to the ShadowSlaves stable at the hands of Big John. Binding her arms in leather restraints, he tests her flesh, mauling and slapping, punching and digging deep into pressure points. Rope twists her body, and strains her muscles as the blows rain down, and fingernails stratch her pale skin.

Bound to a heavy vice to keep her in place, hot candlewax sears her skin, all over her body, until she can bear no more, and is made to stand for a full body whipping to clear away the wax.

Finally, bound into metal stocks, clothespìns bite into the flesh of her back and breasts, with an extra large pin to take care of her tender cunt. They are whipped, cropped and pulled from her skin, leaving only the huge cunt-clamp in place, as she is led away to her new life of slavery…

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Elise – Introducing Elise Graves HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Elise - Introducing Elise Graves HD 2015

Well known masochist elise graves joins us at ShadowSlaves, and is inducted by another newcomer, Xinran, who it’s clear from the start is going to take no nonsense.

The tiny elise is grabbed, wrestled to the floor, and hogtied rodeo style before she has a chance to speak. Now helpless, it’s a simple task for Xinran to rope her wrists, and hoist her up onto tiptoes, balancing precariously on a bucket. Her legs and feet are whipped as she desperately tries to keep her balance, a task made even harder when one of her legs is tied out to a pole, leaving all of her weight on the toes of one foot. Finally, the bucket is kicked away, leaving her agonisingly suspended from wrists alone.

Brought down to her knees, wrists still pulled painfully above her head, she is subjected to a viscious kicking, thrashed and tormented with nipple clamps. She is kicked repeatedly in the cunt, until she is crying and gasping for breath; but her tears only spur Xinran on, pinching and clamping her nipples, and beating her with a chain whip, until she is sobbing uncontrollably. Her sore wrists are hoisted again and again, until she collapses on the floor in tears, only to be trampled, spanked and beaten, dragged by her hair and finally pinned down, defeated and completely broken to Xinran’s will..

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Satine Spark – Monster Under The Bed HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Satine Spark - Monster Under The Bed HD 2015

There’s a monster under Xinran’s bed! Well, actually a hogtied and hooded ShadowSlave. Stripped and unmasked, it is revealed to be the beautiful blonde, Satine Spark, and the bed in question is a rack.

Chained to the rack, the poor young girl is stretched to the limit, and the flesh of her arms and breasts attacked with clothespins. Moving down, more pins are attached to her thighs and cunt. Suction cups distort her ivory breasts, and clamps pull at her pussy lips and nipples. Hot red wax rains down on her delicate white skin.

Re-tied on all fours, she is whipped and beaten, between further applications of clamps and hot wax. Even her feet are subjected to the pins and candles.

Spreadeagled, clothespins are whipped from her tender cunt, which she is then made to clamp and hold open herself, for further pussy-whipping. Now exposing her most intimate parts, Xinran applies the suction cups, riding crops, hot wax and heavy whips, in a relentless barrage, until the poor girl can stand no more.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Honesty – Brat Taming HD 2015

Shadowslaves - Slavegirl Honesty - Brat Taming HD 2015

Honesty is incorrigable; talking back to her superiors, and acting up on a daily basis. Big John is assigned the task of correcting her behaviour. Hoisted with wrist cuffs, she is stripped and chained, with her cunt squeezed in a cruel chain trap, tightened and crushed by a winch. Clothespins are applied to her pussy lips and nipples, as a spiteful single-tailed whip stripes her flesh. Her smart mouth is silenced with a huge clothespin that traps her tongue.

Her body is bound with duct tape and parcel wrap, as she is beaten and whipped to tears. More clothespins are attached to her thighs and armpits, then whipped away from the sobbing girl’s flesh. Finally, she is made to straddle a sharp wooden pony, which is winched up hard between her legs, cutting painfully into her bruised cunt, and left alone to contemplate her behavior.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Caroline – Introducing Caroline Pierce HD 2015

Shadowslaves - Slavegirl Caroline - Introducing Caroline Pierce HD 2015
Shadowslaves - Slavegirl Caroline - Introducing Caroline Pierce HD 2015Shadowslaves - Slavegirl Caroline - Introducing Caroline Pierce HD 2015

Caroline Pierce joins the ranks of the ShadowSlaves in the imaginative hands of Xinran and MRK. Tightly bound into a coffin-shaped cage, swinging freely from ropes, she is spun, trampled, scratched and tickled, before being roasted over candles and burned with hot wax.

Freed from her bonds, eyes and mouth taped shut, she is at the mercy of both her sadistic tormentors, as they attack her naked flesh with whips and crops. Harsh clamps crush her nipples, and are pulled, beaten and squuezed until the tears begin to flow. She is made to stand on an uncomfortable corrugated see-saw, still blind and helpless, as she is pulled back and forth and whipped, leaving her crying and desperate.

Completely disorientated, she is led to a cruel walkway, and made to walk it’s length, barefoot, over a huge variety of painful obstacles, such as screws, keys, electrical plugs, sharp hairbrushes, bottletops and pins, as well as unpleasant and disturbing surprises like balloons and balls. As a reward she is allowed to masturbate, while being whipped, then left kneeling, fists clenched in agony, on the corrugated board.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Isabel Dean – Trampled HD 2015

Shadowslaves - Slavegirl Isabel Dean - Trampled HD 2015

Isabel Dean returns to Shadowslaves, this time at the hands of MRK. Dragged naked into the cellar, her flesh is pounded and scratched on the cold stone floor. She is bound to the wall, and covered in humiliating body writing, to remind her of her place. Clothespins are attached over her entire body, including a long, cruel, peg zipper. MRK attacks the individual pins with a crop, biting and flicking the helpless girl as they are beaten off. Her suffering is evident, as the zipper is slowly pulled from her pale skin, and she is made to complete the last half herself as the string is attached to her toes, tearing away the pins as she replaces her foot to the floor.

Released from the wall, and bound, hands to feet, on the freezing flagstones, she is beaten and whipped, kicked and spanked until she is crying freely, sobs racking her helpless frame. Her will entirely broken, MRK tramples her under his boots, while continuing to whip the crying girl, then makes her kiss his boots to thank him for her lesson, leaving her crying alone on the cold hard cellar floor..

Shadowslaves -Slavegirl Lexy – Introducing Lexy HD 2015

Shadowslaves -Slavegirl Lexy - Introducing Lexy HD 2015

After a night strapped down in the rubber cell, new girl lexy is ready to face her first day as a ShadowSlave. Her training begins at the hands of Big John, who wastes no time suspending her from the ceiling in a giant chinese finger, and testing her flesh with his whips. The heavy whip is soon replaced with a spiteful single-tail, that bites visciously into her virgin ass-cheeks and belly.

She is forced to ride a horse made from sharp, tough, nylon bristles, and the brushes scratch deep into the delicate skin of her breasts and stomach.

Suspended in a leather sling, her legs are strapped open and hot candlewax burns her naked feet and tender cunt, before her labia are tightly trapped between chopsticks, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. Big John takes full advantage of her slowly swelling pussy with a vibrating wand until she thinks she can stand no more. Lips still cruelly trapped, she is placed in a tiny crouch cage, which is suspended by chains from the ceiling. The wand is attached inexcapably to her throbbing cunt, and she is left swinging and screaming as orgasm after unbearable orgasm tear through her desperate and defeated body.

[SexAndSubmission.com / Kink.com] Renee Roulette (The Senator’s Daughter / 17-07-2015) [2015, BDSM, Bondage, Rough Sex, Submission, Domination, Humiliation, Hardcore, All Sex, SiteRip, 360p]

[SexAndSubmission.com / Kink.com] Renee Roulette (The Senator's Daughter / 17-07-2015) [2015, BDSM, Bondage, Rough Sex, Submission, Domination, Humiliation, Hardcore, All Sex, SiteRip, 360p]

When the Senator’s daughter is taken to a safe house for a South American buyer she finds herself in a really sloppy situation. Marco Banderas has two days until he has to deliver her so he hold the sexy Renee Roulette in hard bondage and skull fucks her throat upside down. Marco uses his hard huge cock to have Renee submit to his hard fucking and rigorous bondage.

[TheTrainingOfO.com / Kink.com] Audrey Holiday (Anal Slave Training Audrey Holiday / 17-07-2015) [2015, BDSM, Bondage, Anal, Hardcore, Domination, Humiliation, Toys, All Sex, HDRip, 720p]

[TheTrainingOfO.com / Kink.com] Audrey Holiday
Hot hot Audrey Holiday is trained by Tommy Pistol to take hardcore anal stretching and fucking while in tight rope bondage. She can suck cock but can she do it while suspended and vibe driving her pussy over the top? Audrey takes hard face fucking while suspended in ropes, then gets tied up and fucked hard the the Master’s pleasure.