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Shadowslaves – Illuminatrix & Slave Amber West – Intimate Service HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Illuminatrix & Slave Amber West - Intimate Service HD 2015

In her debut for ShadowSlaves, Magick brings Illuminatrix a gift to play with in the form of Amber West. She begins by testing her limits with clothespins to her cunt and spiteful knotted whips, before binding her hands and fucking her with a huge black dildo. Electric shocks to her nipples cause the poor girl to cower in fear and she is grateful when ordered to service her Mistress with her tongue, as she relaxes with a cigar, until her slave brings her to orgasm.

Leaving to change into something more comfortable, Illuminatrix is annoyed to find the girl relaxing on her furniture, and soon re-enforces her place, with a stern cunt whipping. Amber is left in little doubt as to her position, when she is forced to lick her Mistresses armpit sweat. Sitting down hard on her face, she is smothered, and struggles to lick her Mistress while gasping for breath, and having her tits beaten. Finally, she is given her reward, in the form of a forced orgasm

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Isabel Dean – The Rack HD 2015

Shadowslaves –  Slavegirl Isabel Dean - The Rack HD 2015

Isabel Dean is put into the capable hands of Big John for a journey into the extremes of both pain and pleasure. Securely gagged and strapped onto a rack, her body is stretched, and burned with hot candlewax, searing her most delicate areas; pussy lips, nipples and even filling her navel. Ice water shocks her system between the intense heat applications. The wax is revoved with a rough wire brush, cleaning and preparing her flesh for her first experience with needles.

No gentle introducion, this, as John goes directly to her pubis, piercing with thick gauge needles, as she screams and cries. Needles, are driven directly into her breasts as the tears continue to fall, until they resemble a pair of fleshy pin-cushions.

As a reward for her bravery, she is offered the chance of pleasure with the wand, and begs for just one orgasm. Big John has other ideas, however, and uses the wand and a dildo to force orgasm after orgasm from her helpless body, causing her to squirt repeatedly, until she is a sweating wreck, laying in a puddle of her own juices, and pathetically begging for repeated relief from the powerful vibrations..

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Precious – Tenderized HD 2015

Shadowslaves –  Slavegirl Precious - Tenderized HD 2015

Precious returns, and this time is placed in the hands of Newcomer to the ShadowSlaves team Zebo. Strapped tightly into an incredibly stressful splits position, her helpless flesh is attacked without mercy, with rough hands, fire tongs and heavy whips. Her cunt is stretched with the iron tongs, and her breasts twisted, pummelled and punched.

A steal pear is locked in place deep inside her cunt, and a metal bucket hung from it. Heavy iron weights are added to the bucket, until the pear tears free, still fully extended, from her delicate hole, leaving her crying and desperate, as Zebo returns to twisting and beating her tits, tenderizing her body like meat, ignoring her tears and screams, until she breaks down completely, utterly defeated.

Her legs are freed, eliciting more screams as her cramped muscles flex, but the respite is brief, before she is locked into a standing stappado frame, for continued beatings and a zipper of metal bulldog clips. Steel braces crush her tits, and they are whipped and punched until she breaks down once again into hopeless tears. Satisfied, Zebo holds her as she cries and shakes in agony and desolation.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Beauvoir – Prison Camp 4 – Solitary HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Beauvoir - Prison Camp 4 - Solitary HD 2015

Prisoner beauvoir finds herself on the wrong side of gaurd Big John, and is taken to solitary for punishment. She is stripped and shackled to the bars of her cell for a whipping. Bound to the bars so she cannot avoid the blows, her back, breasts and buttocks are severely beaten, and her nipples crushed against the cold metal of the cage. Whips and heavy leather straps pound her flesh, and canes are used to sting her feet.

Fingers dig into pressure points, until she can bear no more, but despite her resistance and protestations, she cannot help revealing herself for what she is, by riding his leg like a bitch in heat. Punishment delivered she is thrown to the cold stone floor to serve her time in solitude.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Louise – Intro HD 2015

Shadowslaves –  Slavegirl Louise - Intro HD 2015

Louise Von Salome is introduced to the ShadowSlaves stable at the hands of another newcomer, Tiberius. Blindfolded from the start, he gets her attention with the violet wand, delivering shocks across her body, pussy and nipples and even her face and tongue. The intensity of the electricity is increased with secondary shocks through metal and a copper-wound switch. Stripped naked, she is bound to an A-frame and her defenseless body is spectacularly burned and electroshocked further. Harsh clamps are attached to her face and nipples, and shocks directed through them to her tender flesh, nostrils and mouth.

By the time the blindfold is removed, the poor young girl is already in tears, but that does not stop Tiberius delivering a vicious beating, before increasing the intensity of the electrical shocks though metal clamps, and her first taste of the cattle prod. She is required to demonstrate her obedience by walking into the prod, for intense shocks to her navel and nipples. Cowed and crying, her body and face suffer more intense heat and electroshock torments, even making her present her own tongue and nose to the mercies of the violet wand.

Finally, kneeling, defeated and in tears, she is subjected to a caning with an electrified switch. This is a tough young girl, and a very welcome addition to our stable. We’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Tiny – Collaring Tiny HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Tiny - Collaring Tiny HD 2015

Tiny returns and is claimed by newcomer Blaze. Using his vastly bigger bodymass against her he easily controls the poor girl, carrying her into the dungeon, and not even waiting to put her down before the beating begins. Her tiny body is ravaged with a variety of whips, straps, paddles and switches. He even pounds her flesh with a bright pink wiffle bat!

Taking her punishment without restraint, she is rewarded with a series of forced orgasms using hands and a wand, including a rough fuck with a special wand attachment. Finally, all resistence entirely defeated, and tears streaming down her face, she is rewarded with a steel collar, locked permanently around her neck as a symbol of his ownership of her body and soul

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Andrea – Persecution HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Andrea - Persecution HD 2015

Andrea arrives dressed for an evening out, but Magick has other ideas. Led to the dungeon she is presented with several massive bouquets of stinging nettles, much to her dispair. Her naked flesh is stroked with the evil leaves, and begins to blister immediately, but that´s just a warm up. Her legs and breasts are whipped with bunches of nettles, and her armpits and the underside of her breasts stung without mercy. Nettles are stuffed into her nipple rings, and her breasts are whipped while the leaves do their worst. Leaves are stuffed into her knickers, and her cunt is whipped and stung simulataneously. She is made to walk on spiney nettle stems, and encouraged to dance with sparklers, burning her flesh and stinging her soles. Crawling in a huge heap of nettles she kisses her owners boots.

Pleased with her progress, Magick straps up her huge tits, and attaches bunches of the stinging leaves, before moving her to a cold metal gynocological examination chair. Seated on thumbtacks and even more nettles, he attacks her clitoris with the eroscillator, but she is already in too much pain to enjoy it. Since pleasure seems to be unobtainable, Magick opts for even more pain, stuffing her cunt with stinging leaves, and stapling it shut.

Long spinal needles pierce her ample breasts, finally breaking her down and bringing forth the first of many tears. Nettles are jammed behind the needles and even in her mouth. Tired of her complaints and wailing, Magick opts to staple her mouth closed, but still manages to feed a spiney nettle stem between her already stinging lips. Now crying freely, she is redressed in clothing stuffed full of nettles and thumbtacks, and even high heeled shoes full of the burning leaves, before being thrown out to fend for herself.

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Devil – Restraint HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Devil - Restraint HD 2015

Devil returns, in the capable hands of rope-master Ro-Nin. Strung in bondage worthy of her Oriental beauty, She is teased with scratchy straw bundles, and beaten with canes and sticks. As she struggles against the rope, the implements become heavier, with thick canes pounding her thighs and stomach. Her flesh is crushed in his iron grip, and bitten until she cries out.

Suspended in Ro-nins ropes, she is relentlessly whipped and beaten. She suffers bastinado with a double cane, and struggles helplessly as she is tickled to the point of exhaustion. Finally made to kneel she suffers a whipping that it seems will never end. .

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Vicki – Introducing Vicki Valkyrie HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Vicki - Introducing Vicki Valkyrie HD 2015

Vicki Valkyrie joins us from Sweden, and is introduced to the ShadowSlaves stable by Big John. Delivered to the dungeon in a cramped cage, she is relived to be released, until she discovers what the big man has in store for her. Her mouth is stuffed with her own panties, as she is gagged and strung up, at the mercy of his attentions. Chopsticks are used to clamp and twist her nipples, and heavy metal claws tear into her tender cunt. She is whipped and spanked until she is pouring with sweat, drooling and shaking from the pain and exertion. John offers her freezing water, which she greatfully accepts until it is thrown in her face, leaving her shivering and vulnerable.

Wrists shackled, she is then hung upside down by her ankles, for further whipping and a cunt beating. Stuffed with a buttplug, she believes she is to be rewarded when she is allowed to orgasm with the wand, only to find John has other plans. Orgasm follows orgasm, until dozens of shuddering climaxes later the poor hanging girl can clearly take no more. Finally, she is lowered once more to the ground, only to find her ordeal is not yet over, as John forces climax after climax from her quivering body, before leaving her, drenched once more in water, in a shivering heap on the floor..

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Alex – Introducing Alex HD 2015

Shadowslaves – Slavegirl Alex - Introducing Alex HD 2015

Precious returns, to introduce us to her friend alex, who wishes to join the ShadowSlaves stable. She is brought to the dungeon naked, blindfolded, collared and in chains. Precious first tests her reactions to being hit with a wooden spoon, and uses steel claws and an abrasive nylon brush to tear at her skin. Clothespins are attached to her tits and tongue, and the poor blindfolded girl jumps and wriggles as they are snapped at with a short nylon stick, which also bites into her own pale flesh at random intervals.

Having satisfied Precious that she is going to behave, alex is bent over a spanking bench for an ass beating, and is deeply penetrated with a huge black dagger-like dildo, which she is forced to hold in her cunt, while the bruising wooden spoon is once more deployed.

Still impaled on the dildo and adorned with clothespins, she is tightly bound to the bench and attacked with a vibrating wand, until she can bear no more. Sticks and paddles pound her helpless flesh, the pins are torn from her body and re-attached to her cunt, and silver claws rake her skin, bertween repeatedly being brought to the edge of orgasm with the wand.

When her wriggling becomes too much, her hair is yanked and bound tightly to the floor, leaving her helpless to the rain of whips and other weapons, which continue to pound her agonised frame as she is brutally fucked with a finger-dildo, yet still denied orgasm, until the pain takes her far past the point of any possible release.